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Of Books and Babies

Woman reading Baby book

You had a baby! You carried it around a long time inside you and were overjoyed when it was born. The draft was written. Ahhh...wasn't it precious.

But the baby needed constant attention. Diapers needed to be changed. You didn't like that part. Changing a book, cleaning it up and getting rid of waste was not fun. It was work and a lot of it, but the nasty job had to be done.

The baby cried for no apparent reason or so it seemed. You packed it around questioning what you did wrong and what might fix it. You took mothering classes and your mind spun out of control. They said do this and do that but you didn't even know what this and that meant.

Friends offered advice, some good and some bad. You showed it to the readers and the writing groups. Sometimes it led to more confusion and sometimes it helped.

Then Grandma came over. The experienced one; the fixer-editor and she critiqued the situation. She gave some stronger, better, more detailed advice and went home. Some things you did were all wrong. Sometimes she was right and sometimes she wasn't. Most of the time she was. You had a mothering failure meltdown but eventually you got glad in the same pants you got mad in and carried on.

So you gleaned from the editor and learned to be a better mother for your baby. Then you devoured multiple manuals on nurturing your baby. You felt more than overwhelmed with the daunting task at hand.

But there were wonderful times when you stopped to breathe in your sweet baby who made you smile and thought, "What a beautiful baby you are. I love you."

Then you went on and walked the road of motherhood, feeding your baby, teaching your baby to talk right. And the new words excited both you and the baby and everyone else who listened.

Then the day came. You had to let the baby go—let it fall as it took its first steps. When others came to visit, you watched as your little one faced off with its "not so motherly" type peers.

Not everyone thought your baby was wonderful but many did and were blessed by it. And they will anticipate your next birth with you, encouraging you along the way.

And when the next child comes, you do all the same things but it will be easier. Never mind that each child is different because with one babyhood under your belt, you know you can do this.

Feed your baby good things. Nurture and love it. Make your words be like adorable outfits for your baby for the world to see. They just might notice the baby has your eyes and your smile.

But most of all they will see it has your heart.

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