Christian Historical Romance​



Sandy Faye Mauck

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Some Thanksgivings were meant to last a lifetime.

First Book in the

Cherished Thanksgivings Series

 It's Thanksgiving 1905 and Margie Thornton is deserted for the holiday by her uncle's family. She expects to be alone for Thanksgiving, but God has other plans.


As the snow clouds roll in, so does an amazing set of events that will forever change the hearts and lives of those the storm affected.


Margie must now fight her uncle's insistence to marry her off. 

Can she stave him off, hoping for the promise of a man she barely knows but to whom no man compares?


Will she have the faith to wait for the promise she holds in her heart and pray for the trials of those she has come to love?



 She fights the imminent but longs for the impossible. 

It was more than she dreamt.  But as the romance began to bud,  she felt the thorns of a heartless beauty rise to tear it all apart.     


More Than She Dreamt

Young widow, Katie Jensen, endures patiently under her oppressive uncle in desolate Arizona Territory. She tries to keep her promise to her dead aunt to be a witness and take care of her uncle but when his tirades grow worse, she gathers her two precious little ones and runs. 


Making their way to an unknown land, they come to the town of White Rock, which is strangely like the place in the dreams Katie has been having. They are welcomed into the cottage of a kindly grandmother who takes in borders. 


When Danny, the older woman's grandson, comes home, he finds surprises in store: a crisis, a beautiful young woman, and her adorable children who bring laughter and life into all their weary souls. 

Katie is filled with hope when an unexpected romance sparks but there is a vindictive raven-haired beauty and an old enemy conspiring to put it out—permanently. 


Will God give Katie rest as she and the family pray for their enemies? 


Can she stand strong in her faith when fear overwhelms her?











Book 1 in the Rose Arbor Brides