Christian Historical Romance​



Sandy Faye Mauck

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About me...

 Welcome to my website. I am so glad you have come to visit!


First of all and of utmost importance is my standing with God. I am a blood-bought, born-again child of God. I met my Lord and Savior at age eighteen and have been serving Him with all my heart ever since. I have lived a lifetime in the wilderness of God. It is a good way to get to know Him!


Many authors will tell you they were avid book readers. I read but I think I was obsessed with paper. When given the choice to read or write, I wanted to write. 


My first written book was a 36 page romance writing in 6th grade. My first published non-fiction book was a small 36 page book written for single moms. You can contact me if you are a single mom and would like to read it. I do not sell them. 


I am married to my "soul-mate", as people like to call it. I am blessed with a romantic-hearted, true and faithful man of God. He studies and writes about true Bible doctrine which is sadly lacking these days. So there are two writers in our home. We have five children and ten grandchildren (number eight is looking at the Bible with me in the photo). And hopefully some children and grandchildren who will follow  the writing path.


I am a writer,  artist and photographer. And I love to crochet at the end of the day to keep my eyes from crossing but that part is on hold until the Lord heals my hands.


I cannot walk in God's creation without stopping to smell the roses or take a photo. 


I love hot tea and old teacups, gourmet honey, turn of the century hats, gardens of flowers, romance, and all of God's creation!